Class, Thurs, 9/08

Practical Stuff

  • UD B&N cannot locate Spelman; Amazon can.
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Spelman, Repair, Chapter 3

  • Fastwrite: In Chapter 3, Spelman talks a good deal about tools and gender as they relate to different kinds of repair. Explain in your own words how and why she believes these two concepts are connected. Refer as much as you can to specific moments in her text.
  • Fastwrite (2): Find a brief passage in Chapter 3 that you’d like us to talk more about. Restrict yourself to no more than a few lines, as I want you to begin by rewriting or retyping the passage. Then add a few sentences of your own in which you explain why you think this would be an interesting or important passage to discuss.

Writing Geek

The Oxford comma

Do you place a comma after “and” in a list of three or more items?  That is, do you type Louise, Elisabeth and Irene?  or Louise, Elisabeth, and Irene?Oxford University thinks you should. But why would anyone care?

Here’s one reason why some people do:


But then, there’s Vampire Weekend’s 2008 “Oxford Comma”







It’s your call.

Moment of Zen

“Cathedral”, by Barnett Newman, at Stedelijk Museum, in Amsterdam The Netherlands. Photograph by Ian Masterton.

To Do

  1. Mon, 9/12, 4:00 pm: Post r1 to this website. Please read the r1s posted by the other members of your workshop group and be ready to talk about them in class.
  2. Tues, 9/13, class: (a) Read Chapter 4 of Repair. Be ready to pass a simple reading quiz. (b) workshop r1s.
  3. Wed, 9/14: Read the highlighted r1s and post comments on at least two of them..
  4. Thurs, 9/15, class: (a) Read Chapter 4 of Repair. Be ready to pass a simple reading quiz. (b) Discuss the highlighted r1s.