Class, Tues, 9/20

Discussing r1 (cont.)

Authors: Alicia T, Ryan M, Julia F, Natalie R

Workshopping r2

Same as r1: Offer each other feedback on your drafts, select a piece to present to the class on Thursday—except . . . See Workshopping Responses

To Do

  1. Wed, 9/21: (a) Post your group’s stickied r2, with a comment, by 10:00 am. (b) Read the nine stickied r2s and post comments on at least two of them.
  2. Thurs, 9/22, class: (a) Be ready to pass a reading quiz on Chapters 6-7 of  Repair. (b) Be ready to briefly present your highlighted r1 to the class.
  3. Mon, 9/26, 4:00 pm: Post r3 to this site.