Class, Tues, 9/27

Highlighting r2

  • Andew B
  • Jillian D
  • Jen C

Fastwrite: Describe something you’ve noticed another writer from this class do that you would like to do in your own writing. Be as specific as possible in describing the move or technique that you want to imitate.

Workshopping r3

Same as before. Except . . . in selecting the piece you would like to present on Thursday, I want you to highlight one sentence in it that you especially admire. In your comment, retype that sentence. (If it is absolutely necessary, you may quote and retype the sentence before or after the one you want to talk about.) Then state as clearly as you can what your group admires about how the sentence works—about its form, how it’s put together, constructed.

To Do

  1. Thurs, 9/29, class: Read the nine featured essays. Post comments on two in which you point to someone else in this class who has written a similar sentence. Retype (and attribute) that sentence in your response.
  2. Review your three responses so far. Be ready to compose a 10-minute, extended fastwrite in which you discuss which response you plan to develop into your first essay, and how. I will ask you to email this fastwrite to your GTA and me. It will serve as a guide to your conferences with us next week.
  3. Tues, 10/04, class: Bring five print copies of a  proto-draft of essay one to class. We will work closely with these drafts in preparation for your conferences.
  4. Wed, 10/05, Thurs, 10/06, or Fri, 10/07: Talk with your GTA and me about your plans for Essay One. You must bring a print copy of your proto-draft—with handwritten highlights, annotations, and questions on it. This will count as p1.
  5. Tues, 10/11, class: Bring a print copy of your near-final draft of essay one with you to class.