Planning your second essay (p2)

A plan for your second essay is due on Monday, 10/17. This plan does not need to be a polished essay, but it should show careful thought and work.

Identify the project of repair you want to write about. Be specific. For example, don’t just say you want to write about calls for reparations on college campuses. Tell us you want to study the demands for reparations at, say, Brown or Amherst or Georgetown or UDel (after the “noose” incident). Or, don’t just say that you want to write about how speech therapists  help people. Identify a particular problem some people have with speaking and how therapists address that problem.

And then tell us how you are going to research this particular repair project. What will you read, or watch, or listen to? Who will you talk to? When will you do this?

I encourage you to draw on your own experience in writing this essay. But you cannot draw only on your experiences. You must do either some field research (interviews, observations) and/or some archival research (books, articles, videos, etc.).  I would thus be surprised and concerned if you submitted a plan that did not include a list of references.

So your plan needs to include these two elements:

  1. A precise statement of the project of repair you want to write on;
  2. The text you will either read, watch, or listen to, and/or the people you will interview or observe, in order to learn more about that project. I will expect citations, URLs, and/or names and dates of interviews.

A 1,000-word description of your project of repair is due on Monday, 10/24, so you will need to plan to do the reading/interviewing/observing listed in part #2 during next week.  So I encourage you to get to work!


  1. Mon, 10/17, 4:00 pm: Post your plan to your group’s shared Google Drive folder. (I will invite you  to this folder on Friday. Title your document <lastname p2.docx>.
  2. Tues, 10/18, class: Bring a print copy of your plan to class. Also bring a folder of the materials you will be working with. These materials may be digital or on paper, but you should have read, watched, or listened to them already. If you are planning to conduct interviews or observations as part of the research for your essay, you should have them completed or scheduled at this point.
  3. Mon, 10/24, 4:00 pm: Post e2d1, a thick description of the project of repair you are writing about, to your group Google Drive folder. Title this document <lastname e2d1.docx>.