Class, Tues, 10/11

My thoughts after your plans and conferences.

Trey Wilson in Bull Durham
Bull Durham (1988)

Essay Two

Project, Materials, Adding to Spelman

Trade drafts with a partner. Read through the essay. When you are done, write the author a note in which you complete the following three sentences:

  • “Your project in this essay is to . . .”
  • “The materials you work with include . . .”
  • “You add to Spelman’s ideas about repair by . . .”

When you have completed your note, go back to the essay and mark those moments in the text where the author (a) articulates her project in the essay, and (b) states what she is adding to Spelman’s ideas. If you can’t identify those moments in the text, point to where you would expect to find them.

Copy Editing (Lite)

Go back through the essay you’re working once more, this time with a pen in your hand. Circle or draw a squiggly line by

  • Typos, misspellings, repeated words, missing words
  • Things that look odd (extra white space, changes in font, ¶s that seem too long, etc.)

Make sure that

  • All quotations have a page reference
  • The titles of books, movies, magazines, and websites are italicized


  • Document: 1.25″ margins, different first page
  • Paratext: title info and running head, sans serif
  • ¶s: 0.25 or 0.5 indent, 1.5 spacing, 6 points between ¶s, serif
  • References: alphabetical by author, hanging indent, serif

Writing Geek



¶ (option + 7): Paragraph break (now marked by an indent or extra space between lines). See Wichary, “First In, First Out”.

To Do

  1. Wed, 10/12, 4:00 pm: Email the final draft of your first essay, saved as a Microsoft Word document, to your GTA and me. Name your document: <lastname e1.docx>.
  2. Thurs, 10/13, class: Have two good ideas for a “project of repair” that you’d like to write about in your second essay. Be ready to spend time in class locating texts that you might discuss in your writing.