Class, Thurs, 9/29

Odds and Ends

Moving Towards Essay One

  • Fastwrite: Which response(s) do you plan to develop into your first essay? What do you plan to add to turn a brief response into a full essay? What parts of your response will you need to change or rework? What parts might you cut? Please email your comments to your GTA and me.
  • Proto-Drafts: A document in Word or Pages, 100o words or more, with a title and references, proofread and edited. Due in class on Tues, 10/04.

Thinking About Sentences

  • Carly F
  • Connor C
  • Travis R
  • Chad B
  • Daniel G
  • Lauren M
  • Savannah G
  • Kit S

Writing Geek

Serif and Sans Serif Fonts: Use serif for paragraphs, sans serif for titles and headers. [pdf]

Google changes its logo from Serif to Sans.
Google changed its logo from Serif to Sans in Fall 2015.

Moment of Zenstore-helvetica-poster

Helvetica (2007), dir. Gary Hustig

To Do

  1. Tues, 10/04, class: Bring 3 print copies of a proto-draft of your first essay to class. We will work closely with them.
  2. Wed, 10/05, Thurs, 10/06, and/or Fri, 10/08: Bring a highlighted and annotated print copy of your first draft to your conferences with your GTA and me. This will count as p1.
  3. Tues, 10/11, class: Bring a print copy of the near-final version of your first essay to class. We will work on proofreading and editing it.