Class, Thurs, 9/15

Spelman, Chapters 4-5

Fastwrite: In Chapter 4, Spelman argues that in many ways “restorative” justice provides a compelling alternative to “retributive” justice. But she also suggests that there are some problems with restorative justice. Briefly describe what she says those problems are.


Fastwrite: In Chapter 5, Spelman explains how, in some situations, a harmed person or group might prefer”reparations” to an “apology”.  Describe why this might be the case.


Your task is the same as r1: to offer an interesting response to Spelman. But let me offer this advice: Think hard about how you can connect something Spelman says in Chapters 4 or 5 to

  • An event you have experienced or observed,
  • Something else you have read or viewed or listened to,
  • Another passage in Spelman’s book.


Fastwrite: Read the comments on your piece and write one back.


  • Author reads passage from their text,
  • Group points to moments in that passage they’d like us to discuss,
  • Class talks about passage.

Authors: Amanda P, Tyler G, Rachel L,Mike M, Amelia A, Jasmine E, Sarah K, Alicia T

Writing Geek

Commas, or half stops

Use a comma and one of the FANBOYS to connect two independent clauses (subject + verb). The FANBOYS are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so.

Or not. Gertrude Stein hated commas. See her 1935 essay “On Punctuation”, particularly p. 4.

To Do

  1. Mon, 9/19, 4:00 pm: Post r2 to this site. Give your piece a title that hints at what you have to say in it.
  2. Tues, 9/20 class: (a) Read Chapter 6 of Repair. Be ready to pass a simple reading quiz. (b) Read the r2s posted by the other members of your workshop group and be ready to talk about them in class.