Class, Tues, 11/15

Speed Editing

Each of you will be responsible for reading and editing five essays with regard to only one of the following categories. You will have 4 minutes to read each piece.


  • Document: 1.25″ margins, different first page
  • First page: Name, E110, Assignment, Date, sans serif, 1.0 spacing
  • Title: Bold, centered, sans serif
  • Paratext: Subheads, running head, sans serif
  • ¶s: 0.25 or 0.5 indent, 1.5 spacing, 6 points between ¶s, serif
  • BLQs: Indented left and right, 1.0 spacing

Quotations (In-Text)

  • Author identified
  • Page identified
  • Cross-listed in references
  • BLQ for quotations more than one sentence

References (End-of-Text)

  • Author, date, title, place
  • Alphabetical by author
  • Hanging indent, 1.0 spacing, 6 points between items


  • Read the first page (or so). Mark where the author defines their project in writing their essay. Offer any advice you may have about phrasing or placement.


  • Read the last page (or so). Mark where the author states the take-way of the piece. Offer any advice you may have about phrasing or placement.

Sign your name and the category of your work to each piece you edit. Scan your essay once it has been returned to you. If you have any questions, ask your editors about them.


Read through your essay. Highlight (a) the names of other writers, artists, or works you discuss; (b) words or phrases you take from someone else; and (c) important words or phrases that you bring to the discussion. Then draw on these words to create the following types of titles:

  • Straightforward
  • Allusive
  • Doubled


  • In pairs: Here are two acknowledgments written by UD students. Using these two texts as examples of the genre, identify (a) what both writers do [constraints], and (b) what each does differently [options].
  • Fastwrite: Draft a version of the acknowledgments for your essay. The final version of your acknowledgments should appear after your main text and before your list of references.

To Do

  1. Wed, 11/16:I need to cancel my regular office hours tomorrow morning. If you would like to talk with me, please seem me to set up an appointment for later today or Thursday.
  2. Wed, 11/16, 4:00 pm: Email the final version of your second essay to your GTA and me. This essay should be at least 2000 words long, and include a list of references and a note of acknowledgments. Title your document “lastname e2 final”. Good luck!
  3. Thurs, 11/17: Please bring a laptop with you to class.



Class, Thurs, 11/03

Mapping Your Second Essay

Drafting e2d3

Fill in the map. Draft 500 words of your e2d3.

Moving Forward on Your Second Essay (e2d3 and p3)

Writing Geek

Lower Case in Titles [pdf]

To Do

  1. Mon, 11/07, 4:00 pm: Email e2d3 to your GTA and me.
  2. Tues, 11/08: Election Day! No class! Vote!
  3. Wed, 11/09, Thurs, 11/10, or Fri, 11/11: Conferences with your GTA and me, based on your annotated print version of e2d3. (Your annotations will count as p3.)
  4. Tues, 11/15, class: Bring a print copy of e2d3.9 to class. You will work on it.
  5. Wed, 11/16, 4:00 pm: Email e2d4, the final version of your second essay, to your GTA and me.


Class, Tues, 9/13

Pennies on I95



Posting r1

  1. Names: Edit the Public Display Name on your User Profile so your name appears by your post. If you haven’t already done this, please do so now.
  2. Categories: Uncheck “Class”. Check your group (e.g., “Seda 2”.) If you haven’t already done this, please do so now.
  3. Titles: Think of one that relates to the content of your post. (Not “R1”, “Response”, or Spelman”.) If you haven’t already done this, please do so by class on Thursday.

Workshop Guidelines


  1. Discuss each response (8-10 minutes per piece).
  2. Select one r1 to highlight and present to the class on Thursday.

To Do

  1. Wed, 9/14: (a) Post your group’s highlighted r1, with a comment, by 10:00 am. (b) Read the nine highlighted r1s and post comments on at least two of them.
  2. Thurs, 9/15, class: (a) Be ready to pass a reading quiz on Chapters 4-5 of  Repair. (b) Be ready to briefly present your highlighted r1 to the class.
  3. Mon, 9/20, 4:00 pm: Post r2 to this site.